Damn it, Love again! 1

Writing has always been my passion. Be it playing with words or putting my thoughts on paper, I have genuinely loved it. I was always cautious of impressing the Readers, hence failed to write my Heart out. This article is one such peice where no rules are followed, no marketing gimmicks are used and is written with no intention to impress anyone.

I was always inspired by Nature right from the early days of my life. My home stood amidst the forest. Thanks to my dad’s job in the Forest department! The chirping of the birds, the croaking of the frogs, the hopping butterflies sucking the nectar from the flowers was a common sight. I witnessed the changing seasons with my naked eyes, the extremely cold winters, the falling of the leaves during autumn, the blooming flowers, the climbers crawling everywhere and the swinging branches releasing the cool breeze, all invited me to a different world. The thatched mud house, the roof tiles, the Chula made food and the backyard farmhouse, all makes me so nostalgic today. The sun rays would wake me up leaving no requirement for any artificial alarm. My neighbors would start the day with Bhajans, especially The Hanuman Chalisa, still plays in my ears. He would play the cassette on sound boxes leaving no option for the entire village, but to wake up. He would sweep the entrance, sprinkle some water and apply the cow dung potan (cow dung with mud) which was considered an omen during the ancient times.

By default, I was expected to wake up early and engross myself into books. I would cover my face with book and try hard to read the words, my eyes gazing the same word for most of the time, as a result I dozed off with open eyes. My school was 2 km away from my residence and there were no vehicles to commute during my childhood days. I never enjoyed the walk of 2 km, holding the 3 kg school bag on my shoulder and my brain loaded with the unfinished homework and upcoming tests. The PT classes were always boring, leaving me tanned and sweat filled. I prayed everyday that at least one teacher amongst the all should be on leave, but they seemed to be more punctual than my regular prayers.

A home tutor was arranged in the evenings, ensuring that no work was left undone, revising all the day- to-day syllabus and burdening me with more study work. I hated him, but loved his mere presence. There was a charm about him, powerful yet soothing voice was good to ears, his vast knowledge drew me closer to him. He became my childhood Hero, my Superman, leaving me in pool of thoughts of just “Me & Him.” I started compiling more doubts just to increase my conversation with him. It was divine to watch words falling from his lips. I pressurized my parents to increase the study hours showing my utmost sincerity to be a rank holder. Poor Parents! They trusted this 7 year old brain, unable to investigate the truth.. Tuitions became longer and longer and my love deeper and deeper. I visualized ourselves as couple in all the romantic songs playing the role of Shahrukh and kajol of DDLJ. They met in tour and we met in tuitions. He disguised as a friend to be with Simran and my hero disguised as a tutor to be with me. Ah! How romantic!

My tutor never had any clue about my liking towardS him. He got me chocolates and gifts if I fared well in the tests, he discounted my home work atimes, he visited me casually when I was unwell. I made cards for him on several occasions, wrote phrases for him, saved my pocket money to gift him. I gifted him a pilot pen (a pride in those days) costing me 60 bucks. Little me, struggled so much to collect the penny amount. But it didn’t matter as I had the cutest guy among my friend circle and I loved the very idea of falling in love with him. Our bond grew stronger and stronger till the truth was revealed. How could I forget kuldeep of DDLJ – the fiancé of kajol? My love life twisted as my tutor was madly in love with someone else. She was his Kajol and I became the Mandira Bedi of DDLJ. My tutor eloped with her to a new city leaving me all alone with my thoughts. This 7 year old kiddo was shattered and broken. Her love was rejected. Nothing interested her anymore. She occupied herself with her memories. The cloud of depression swirled around her, till a new tutor was appointed for her. Will she fall in love with him?

To be continued………


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