Damn it, Love Again! 4

It is the universal truth that a lady cannot stand the appreciation and praise of other ladies’.The one trait that is common in XXXX chromosome is the trait of jealousy. I didn’t want to ditch my chromosomes by allowing someone else to woo my tutor. I was burning with jealousy. I decided not to lose heart, but to investigate. My little brain never worked during the study hours, but this time it decided to honor my feelings for the investigation. My brain and heart were the biggest rivals, but they seem to be united now. It was half the battle won. It was like India and Pakistan dagreeing to be at peace. I felt a sense of pride, being the owner of such a beautiful heart and brain.

I wanted to interrogate my tutor about the exchanging SMS, the unlimited voice calls and those so friendly (irritating) smiles. How could a tutor expect from his student to score the best when he himself was the source of distraction? I wish dress code was followed for the tutors too, to avoid the hormonal changes that the good looking tutors generated. Rather I would say, parents should finalize the tutor after rounds of interviews considering not only their knowledge but also their physique. How could a little kid ignore those Emran Hasmi lips and the muscular body. I wish, he could use me for his weight-lifitng activities in the gym to build his physique. Probably, he was trying to impress somebody else. I ignored this thought immediately. If Shahrukh can fall in love with his chemistry teacher in Main Hoon Na, then I was equally eligible for this relationship. There is no age barrier to fall in love.

My tuition classes were 5 days a week declaring the weekends to be off. The weekends for me were meant to relax and spend time with family. But, he was spending his time with somebody else utilizing his Paid Leaves to the core. Ah! I hated this thought again. I was the only kid who was desperately waiting for Monday to arrive – the day all my queries would be answered and the truth would be revealed.

Do I possess such rights over him, I questioned my heart and my brain immediately replied “If you do not have rights, start claiming some”, sounding like some Bollywood dialogue. I was overwhelmed by my Reflex action. Had I tamed my brain in the right direction, I would have been a contestant in KBC answering those knowledgeable questions, winning a decent amount. But destiny had other plans for me.

My dad believed in family time along with the quality education and hence he ensured that weekends were meant for hiking, road trips, visit to museum or temples. This weekend ‘A visit to Temple’ was in our list which was 150 km away from my place. As usual, I decided to dress my best. You never know whom you come across. (Yup..I am a Bollywood fan!)

To Be Continued….

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  1. seoisha says:

    Bollywood style…Please give a twist to it…


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