SEO Trends and Techniques


Search Engine Optimization - Magnifying Glass

Seo is the talk of the Business Market. There are numerous websites which are born everyday but in no time they die or get paralyzed due to the decrease in the number of visitors. We live in the era of World Wide Web where information is exchanged across the world in  fraction of seconds. Physically it is very difficult to be present everywhere and gather information, hence Internet plays a major role in sharing the information across the globe.

None of us can imagine a day without internet and technology. Our alarm clocks are replaced by cell phone alarms, newspapers by e-papers, FM by i pods, computers by ipads and lots more. There was an era when neighbors and elderly persons were consulted for information but this generation has changed their sources. We live in a competitive world where we are forced to retrieve information and take decisions. We are completely dependent on the search engines to provide us with the best options available as we lack time to filter all the information available on the internet.

If we look from the Market perspective, there are millions of websites catering to the needs of the consumers. A single search in Google takes us to ample number of websites, each company focusing on their brands and thus giving the consumers multiple choices to choose from. The consumer not only purchases the product but also gains knowledge on other brands. But the challenge here is to lure the consumer and attract him to visit our site and convert him to be our customer. This is a major reason companies prefer their website to be ranked and be at the top. There is a tough competition in Ranking the website as NO.1 and sustaining the same position for a longer tenure. Search Engine Optimization plays a major role in this.

Meaning of SEO:

SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query.


Step 1:

Search engines crawls the web to check what is there, using a software called Crawler ( Spider).

Step 2

Indexing the Website and storing it in the Database.

Step 3

Whenever a search comes, the SE processes it i.e. it compares the search string in the search request with the indexed pages in the database.

Step 4

SE  calculates the relevancy of each of the pages in its index with the search string using various algorithms .

Step 5

The last step is to  retrieve the results and display it to the user.



Seo Techniques:

  • The Title Tag should be within 70 characters and should include the keyword.
  • The description tag should be within 160 characters and the most competitive keyword should be used.
  • The keyword tag can be used to list all the keywords as it will not affect the site ranking.
  • The H1 tags can be used for main article headings / sections. The keyword has to be used and should be highlighted.
  • The ALT tag can be used to optimize the image. Use the keyword to name the image file.
  • The URL should be easy to read, short and clean. Try not to use signs like &, Spaces, ?, etc in your URLs.
  • The Content should be original and keyword included. Each page should have a minimum of 500 words of great quality content.
  • The navigation should be crawlable, whether it be text or image based.
  • Externalize the JS and CSS codes to make your website page load faster.
  • Build internal links to engage your customers.
  • Use external links on quality websites to get a higher positions on search engines.
  • Use geo tagging to let your users and search engines see your actual business location
  • Use authorship to take the ownership of the content you publish on your website.
  • Add social media buttons to encourage your readers to share your website’s content on their profiles.
  • Create xml sitemap and add each of your website in it to index the website at the earliest.
  • Use Robots.txt to crawl and index the website.
  • Add Analytics code to analyze your website.
  • Add and verify the ownership of your websites via Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Xenu can be used to to fix the broken links.
  • A website hosting Server should be up and running 24/7, with at least 99.9% up time..

Thus, the Companies have to keep a pace with the SEO Market and ensure that their Websites are fed with right keywords and are optimized maximum.


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