5 Tips To Be Successful!

Don’t we all dream to be successful? Don’t we all long to be superstars and super-achievers? I am sure all of us do! But, how many of us really reach the level that we have always desired for? Very few of us! If you are one amongst those who constantly believe in luck than the hard work,  guess you need to wake up now.

Nothing comes free in this universe, not even the life that you are living at present. Your mother would have gone through all the hormonal changes and the labor to give you birth. There would have been a tug of war between the sperms to get fertilized and the one with more perseverance would have won. Ever wondered what differentiates the winners from the losers – The Determination!

Here are few simple tips to help you out to be nearer to your dreams:

Seek for questions, not answers:

One cannot run behind things that others want you to achieve. I have witnessed parents undertaking the entire authority of the child without even considering their dreams and wishes. As a result, the child keeps working towards the parent’s dream rather than his own. Hence, questioning oneself would be the first step for success. Ask yourself if this is what you want in your life. If yes, work towards it or else find out your true passion in life. Do not take any action till there is peace between your head & your heart. Once there is a balance between these 2 organs, it wouldn’t be too difficult to analyze the unanswered questions.


Don’t Listen:

This sounds a little weird, but it holds a lot of importance. India with a population of 1.2 billion consists of citizens who truly believe in sharing their Gyan with the fellow citizens. Appreciable, isn’t it? But do you seriously need it? Pretend to be deaf to negative people. Remember the jumping frog story, where it could jump out of the boiling water vessel because it was deaf. Listen to people who are positive and will help you to grow further.

Researches & Resources:

Half knowledge is always dangerous. It’s better to have a thorough analysis of the activities that would ultimately lead you to your goal. I have seen many people taking an initial step towards their goal, and quit it half-a-way due to their ignorance or incomplete knowledge. Resources are the ideal connection to Researches. One must have the access to the resources. It could be monetary, family support, education, books and lots more. Do not jump immediately just because you have an idea. Find out the feasibility of your idea, measure the pros and cons, calculate the risk and consider the opportunity cost.

No Immediate Action :

Once you are clear about your goals, methods, and resources, frame a plan. Let not your action start ahead of your plan. Many people fail due to poor planning. They either drop their action midway due to improper planning or don’t achieve the desired result leading to a negative experience. Such a waste of Time & Resources. Plan, plan, and plan!



Are you geared up to take the criticisms? Are you prepared to be grilled by your friends and relatives? Your attitude will decide the journey of your success. Many times people tend to surrender themselves. It could be due to demotivation, under-achievement, discouragement, and lot more psychological factors. Successful people are those who sail through the tough times, making themselves stronger & stronger. They paddle underwater without a pinch of regret. They deny giving up till they achieve what they want.

Success is a journey and not a destination. Those who believe in themselves are destined to be achievers. Success doesn’t necessarily mean name & fame. It could be attributed to our daily activities in life such as finishing an incomplete task, meeting up deadlines, a remarkable presentation, a family get-together, an informative write-up, losing weight and so on. It is subjective in nature and differs from soul to soul.

What are you waiting for? To be successful, right! Follow these simple tips and climb the ladder of success…..

Share your stories of success with us!



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