The Hidden Truth Behind Writing!

writer @ workEverybody is unique in this universe. Though the creator is the same, but the creation is unique. We all have different features, different styles and of course different thinking process. People differ in opinions for the same things. Certain facts may be universally accepted, yet we have our own thoughts attached to it. Our thoughts distinguish us from others. There is a writer, poet, critic, actor, director etc; in each one of us, but we keep ignoring it. We aren’t confident about our thoughts, neither do we allow them to flourish.

I remember forming my opinions at a very early age. I never accepted what people said about a particular thing or a person, until there was a strong reason to believe it. There was a hidden writer in me, yet I would ignore my subconscious. I would consider it too early to put my thoughts into paper or ignore the passing thoughts. The term Writer was a very powerful word for a teenager like me signaling that only people with creative mind and strong hold on the language could pursue writing and it was not meant for ordinary people.  Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Tagore e.t.c; were the names associated with literature and these names were enough to discourage any beginner to pursue further because they were the legends born to enhance the imagination of Aam Admi through their writings.writing I would read their write ups and try hard to comprehend, but the prose and verse would go above my neurons, leaving me in a state of depression and with an impression that writing is not for ordinary people. One has to be extraordinary to be a Writer supported by a high level of creativity and imagination. I decided to quit the idea of becoming a Writer. Though I was considered one of the creative students in my class, yet my self-esteem was very low to attempt writing. I left it on Time and stored it for future because a confused mind is never in a stage to draw a conclusion. Meanwhile, I continued with my reading habits and that’s what my teachers emphasized on. The Reading habit graph was higher than the writing one and an hour was allocated as Library hour on alternative days in the week. I am not sure if this was done to inculcate the habit of reading amongst the students or to show us the collection of books that the school offered to its students.

write I definitely became an avid reader and the pool of ideas would start swirling in my brains leaving with no option but to pen it down. I attempted writing and found that it did make sense to the people. I enrolled myself in various competitions and to my surprise , bagged some awards, beating the students who were great orators. My 1st doubt was cleared i.e. A good orator by default cannot be a good writer. It also gave me a sense of achievement when my articles were published in the school /college magazines. Though there were lot of topics that I used to write about, but I didn’t have the courage to publish it or share publicly. The fear of rejection never allowed me to proceed further except that I privately shared it with my friends and consoled myself with the compliments they showered on me.

I have witnessed that the type of books were also associated with the personality of the readers e.g; If x is reading Harry Potter then the kid must be creative, if Y is reading detective novels, he loves suspense and If A reads Sydney Sheldon, Mills & boons then he has entered the teenage. I still fail to understand the logic behind it. I assumed that the same would be considered for my write ups as well and hence I have to be very careful with my brand image that I was focusing on.There was a debate going on in my mind i.e. Do I need to have a great writing style and an amazing knowledge of dictionary words or a simple plain language would work out to connect with the people?

Very soon I started publishing Write ups on my Facebook page. I was surprised to see a great response from the readers. It was then I realized that a connect with the reader was a must to be a successful writer. Every reader should associate himself/herself with the character of the story. Every reader should experience the mixed emotions that the story takes you through, the thrill , the joy and the adventure should form a part of the reader himself. That’s the power of a wonderful writing. The sooner I realized the key to successful writing, the better I became. Criticisms and compliments formed a part of my life, yet I decided not to give up . I started nurturing my skills and entered into the world of blogging which gave me multiple projects to jiggle with my own ideas and thoughts, trying to be better every time. And I loved it and still loving it..

 Creative writer  I would request the budding writers to wake up and listen to their inner voice.People who are conceived with the idea of writing, please give birth to your thoughts. Do not worry about the reaction of others. Give importance to your reaction as a reader. People who have already written articles and haven’t published it, what are you waiting for? Just dive and publish it .

Looking forward to my next post? Coming soon!



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  1. Devarshi says:

    Good, honest post…

    Don’t have a clue for a theme to write about, but hell, u’ve managed to pluck some inner chords that have may been eager to resonate idiosyncratic mindless thoughts…
    …..& made me create a wordpress account…

    Will keep visiting.


    1. puja jain says:

      Wow! What more can I expect? My posts are motivating people.Thanks for taking the initiative!


  2. Sabi says:

    The wine is getting older!!! Keep it going…


    1. puja jain says:

      Ha Ha ! Thanks Sabaresh!


  3. vikash84 says:

    Very encouraging Pooja…I hope I would also start writing or reading something 🙂 !!! thanks for this 🙂 !!!


    1. puja jain says:

      Its never too late to start anything new. Just Attempt!


  4. Pawan Sonu says:

    Keep thinking and writing dude .. All r aswm


    1. puja jain says:

      Thank U for going through the blog!


  5. Amaya says:

    I’m a budding writer…
    have written a few blogs but want someone to review and give me a praising/criticizing feedback on it. Can I expect any help?
    Below is ID will be glad to hear from you. have been following you and reading all your posts,
    Looking forward to hear from you.


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