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competitionToday, we live in a competitive world, where the power of competition has casted a spell on the entire Universe. It dominates us  even before we are born. Millions of sperms compete to fertilize the egg and finally the stronger ones succeeds. The mother competes with the family and society to prove her fertility, barring which she will not be accepted by the society. The unborn child unknowingly becomes a part of the competitive world. The child is innocent yet it becomes an attention seeker. He competes with his siblings for the toys, to get pampered and wants to be the sole person to be loved by everybody. Before he initiates his formal education, he is been prepared to crack the admission tests and the meritorious ones gets their name listed in the Selection List. The process of proving begins.

competition 3We are taught to be at first position as second position is not acceptable in the society. Be it academics, sports or arts exceptions are none. Being at first holds the pride of Parents, teachers, school and the Nation. We indulge in competition so much that we ignore our inner voice which repetitively roars at us to be in peace. The moral values and ethics become secondary to us. One can go to any extent to win the competition and prove thyself because the society demands the best from the chunk. Thus, the war begins and we are like the soldiers who can be injured at any time by our enemies which are self created (ego, greed, lust & pride).

wavesLook at the waves. They are calm yet forceful, roaring yet maintaining the silence, revengeful yet respectful, easy going yet focused. They speedily move forward, but calms down after reaching their destination, paving the way for other waves to reach ahead while they calmly get back to their position dissolving themselves for the new formation. They do not hold grudges against the other waves nor do they forget their ethics to reach at the top. I wish the mankind could interpret these signs of the waves cautioning them of the approaching danger if they fail to be in harmony with each other. The next generation would never hear the word “Mankind” as cruelty would substitute kindness and everybody be busy in proving themselves.

Thousands of youngsters commit suicide as they fail to inhale the cut throat competition.They run away from the small incidents, before preparing for the battle field. Comments, critics and failures lower their self esteem, ultimately paralyzing them. They keep longing for acceptance by family, friends and society irrespective of their performance, but they aren’t accepted. They start participating in the rat race and the proving continues.

This is the scenario of 21st century and yet we say that we are marching towards success and prosperity. Where are we heading???


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  1. HemantSurana says:

    The article reminds me of the movie 3 Idiots and its ‘reality-check’ dialogue “Beta kabil bano kabil, Kamyabi to sali zak mar ke tumhare piche ayegi..”

    Competition will always be there. But the people around, the situation and the kind of thinking we live up-to within ourselves makes us feel that there is no 2nd place in this world.

    In all, a very excellent interpretation of this so called ‘Success’ in today’s world.


    1. puja jain says:

      Thanks Hemant for your wonderful words!


  2. Anonymous says:

    very true… u have beautifully explained the scenario… And explaining it through the Example of waves is the best.


    1. puja jain says:

      Thanks Dimple! This article was written when I was at Goa beach, hence the waves and beaches….


  3. Vikash yadav says:

    Looks like you have exactly written what I wanted to read….but if you don’t be in the race you don’t survive also.
    Awesome article and a beautiful read. Thanks for writing this. Keep writing and keep rocking 🙂 !!!!!


    1. puja jain says:

      True! Be in the race but do not forget that you equally have a life to live, family and friends to spend time with…. Thank u for reading the article!


  4. Anonymous says:

    beautifully explained pooja.


  5. Surjeet says:

    Competition is good for everyone… It’s normal for people to judge themselves against others… in that respect competition is quite healthy. In a supportive environment it can teach you to accept failure without losing self-esteem….. its unhealthy when the competitor is forced to compete or feels that they have to compete in order to gain love or status within the family!!


    1. PujaJain says:

      Thank you for sharing the experience..Its so true!


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