Is Lust the new Love?

loveThe XY generation has turned the comprehensive meaning of love. There was a time when love was associated with Romeo- Juliet, Heer- ranjha , Laila Majnu etc; They were the ordinary people born in ordinary families, but they created history by becoming the epitome of true love. They made their love stories’ eternal. They existed on the earth to show people what love and sacrifice meant. Though the younger generation is trying to replicate them but they fail miserably. They are unable to take the burden of a relationship for a longer tenure. They need their own space and any kind of pressure would lead to a break up. Makeup and breakup have become an integral part of everybody’s life in these days.

loveWith the rising Market demands and educational pressures, parents are forced to send their kids to metro cities for higher education.The youngsters too come with the same mindset unaware of the emotional swings they would undergo with the changing environment. They are carried away by the fast moving culture, everyone trying to be dude or babes. The mask starts from there and people try proving what they are not. They want to remain in lime light. There has to be a new update and status on Facebook and Watsapp on a regular basis, to enter into the list of “Happening people“. If magnets can be attracted in opposite direction, how can human beings remain aloof from the opposite sex. The fluctuating hormones will definitely ignite them, forcing them to look for a partner.

love“Single? Let’s mingle”  is the new trend in the city. People do not want to fight with boredom and loneliness all alone. They do long for their family, but are helpless. Some of them are forced to finish their studies, some of them are stuck with their jobs and majority of them enjoy their freedom which will be taken away especially if they are back home. Thus, they want to experience the golden age of their life with a companion or rather look out for “ Friends with benefits” or opt for a casual relation which implies that any partner is free to walk out of the relation at any given time. There is no commitment from either partner and can be in company with each other till they wish for. This is the new definition of love.

There is always a difference between love and lust. After interviewing many young guys and gals, I conclude with a disappointment that the lust factor was on a higher side for a relationship to succeed than the love factor. I asked a couple, “How committed are you towards each other?” and the eye opener reply I received was “As long we are in the same city.” Wow, what an undying love! The hangouts, the parties, the celebrations etc. are all supported by the intimacy they share. Premarital sex is no longer a taboo for the younger generation and the cool factor always plays a major role.The so called lovey-dovey couple starts exploring themselves, reflecting“ Made for each other” couple.

Relationships should be like wine, the older it is, the better it should be. But Soon the pressure and problems hinder their relation. They no longer want to tolerate each other. They do not want to be restricted and bounded .The unusual arguments become a normal routine and the mental peace goes for a toss. The ego level goes higher and none of the partner wants to compromise. “Let’s break up “ says the guy, and “ Lets end it up “ says the gal, both uttering their mind out. The society defines such form of break up as Mutual Break up and thus the couple part their ways.

LONELINESSThey remain happy for couple of days and enjoy the space which they were longing for. But it doesn’t last for longer duration. The same loneliness starts itching the individuals. Their morale goes down and they do not want to undergo through this harsh feeling. They still long for love and care. They do not have any control over the rising testosterone level nor over their emotions. Thus, the hunt for a new partner begins and the cycle continues.

Disclaimer: I request the readers not to take the article personally. It is written considering, the general scenario in mind and is not meant to hurt the sentiments of genuine lovers. If you are a committed couple, then please proceed with your relation and if not then please find out your true love. If you find any resemblance or truth in my article, please mail me at or you can comment on the post.



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  1. youngandtwenty says:

    I absolutely think lust is the new love as seeing each other is the new dating.


    1. puja jain says:

      Yup!The word Relation doesn’t hold much importance these days.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. HemantSurana says:

    Lust is the new love for few. But people who really understand the meaning of love will respect it and be with their loved one for eternity.


  3. cuteruby says:

    I agree to some extent…


  4. Surjeet says:

    Sex is a binder not a support mechanism !!!


    1. PujaJain says:

      Well, it depends on the individuals…


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