Sushmita Sen – the essence of being a woman

sushmita sen

India is a land of Culture and Traditions, where women are treated as deity. The Indian women are considered to be the most beautiful creation of God. They are not only physically beautiful but are also attractive with their thoughts. They have a magical charm. They are blessed with natural eyes, beautiful skin, lustrous tresses and beautiful smile. Can we dare to forget the blue eyes of Aishwarya or the smile of Lara Dutta or the intellectual Sushmita sen?

Sushmita sen was the first Indian to have won the title of Miss Universe in 1994, making all Indians proud of her existence. What more can we expect from an eighteen year old teenager who lured the world with her beauty and intellectual thoughts. Her maturity level could be sensed by the confident answers that she threw to the judges. She bagged the crown at the age of eighteen, where many of us would be occupied with the books and the syllabus. She is definitely the one who fits into the category of “Beauty with Brains.”

sushmita senI would term her the most glamorous lady of India. She has a proven track record in modeling and acting.She has been very choosy with her life and did things that would interest her. She chose to be a single mother at the age of 25, shouldering the responsibilities of a baby. A single mother is not acceptable in India, but she broke the norm and went ahead with adopting a baby girl in 2000 and later a 3 month old kid in 2010. She proved the essence of being a woman – the true epitome of love and care.



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  1. HemantSurana says:

    Pooja: The first few lines in the write-up, aptly describes about you. And the title “Essence of being a woman” just does not mean the other sex, but as a human what they are meant to be and what they can do in this world!


  2. cuteruby says:

    Very well written…Great work


    1. puja jain says:

      Thank you Ruby! Keep Reading


  3. Surjeet says:

    Nice write-up!! you can pen down something for Indian Women Entrepreneurs they too are breaking centuries of traditions…


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