Be Pregnant with Happiness Hormones

enjoy life

I have experienced life very closely. Being a Nomad, I have explored cities and places and fortunately I have always enjoyed it. You call me a Banjaran or a wanderer, but this is how I have been in my past and would love to continue in future. I had surrendered myself to the Nature from my early childhood days, where the rising sun and the chirping of birds functioned as my alarm clock. Those green pastures, the chilling breeze, a walk to the hills, the crossing of rivers and the stay in my hut, formed the best part of my memories so far. On contrast to that, I soon migrated to a city which was polluted, had no control over traffic and was fast moving.The city had its own charm in terms of education and culture, yet I couldn’t adapt to it. Unable to survive in the city, I adopted a city from South India which was peaceful, calm and culture oriented. It did shape my life, yet didn’t prepare me for the challenges that would come on my path, if I had to face the world. I decided to dig the world and find out a city where we mutually accepted each other. Soon I was introduced to Bangalore, the city which has lots to offer to its migrants.

This entire process of hopping from places to places did shape my personality. It not only gave me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Mother Earth, but also introduced me to different species of mankind who were unique in their own way both physically and mentally. I did congratulate God, whenever I came across the positive and happy souls, but questioned His creation when I found the unhappy and lonely souls. I asked God, “Why?” and He replied. “I gave you the life, its upto you to live.” I pondered over it and yes, He was right. We are all blessed to be born as human beings, the creatures who are gifted with six senses, yet we fail to live a sensible life.

When I interacted with people, I tried to relate them with the Universe and the things associated with it. After my observation, I did realize that everybody longs for a happy life, but fails to find out the path that would shower happiness on them. The following are the 5 ways to live a blissful life:

1: Stay away from negativity:


As a magnet attracts the other magnets, so are the human beings. It’s said that birds of same feathers flock together. Negativity not only silently kills us, but also refrain us from meeting positive energy. It is always better to have a positive aura and be in the company of positive people. Our surroundings will definitely impact our life in long run. I have always ensured that, I see happy faces, talk to positive people and ignore the negative vibes. Life gives you ample ways to connect with self and listen to your inner voice who longs for happiness. Just listen to it!

2: Master the ignoring skills


Give a shit to people who are of no importance to you. It’s highly impossible to make connections with all the existing human beings. One has to be choosy and prioritize things. We all have come across people who had been sarcastic, criticized us, rough to us, mocked at us and what not. Should we start taking them seriously? Yes, we can, if we wish to lower our self esteem and give up on the hope of rising up again. The best way is to ignore them and consider things that might help you to build yourself. Be a phoenix that has the power to reborn from the ashes.

3. Get engaged:

Tough times do not last for longer hours. Success and failures define you, but let them not make you or break you. When depression hits you or de-motivation strikes you, stop thinking and start getting involved. Do things that you have always longed for. Join a hobby class, hangout with friends, watch a good movie, enjoy sitcoms, pour down your feelings on a piece of paper and tear it off. Trust me, it works! I usually watch a good movie or engage myself with a good book to deviate myself from the depressing hormones. If I am extremely upset, I end up shopping, which is just a way to calm my mind and increase Serotonin – the happy hormones. Find out your way that would pull you from these depressing thoughts.

4. Command Your Brain

We are a victim of thoughts and several thoughts keep flashing in our brain in fraction of minutes. Our brain is stuffed of memories and it will constantly connect us to it. Signal your brain to disconnect you from the depressing memories and take you to the world of happiness. Ignore all your failures and unhappy moments. Recollect your proud moment, your achievements, your family, friends circle and the memories that you would love to cherish. Talk to yourself about your next move and gear up for it.

5. Hope:

Hope“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
― Emily Dickinson

Hope is the only medicine that can keep you alive. Do not surrender or give up. Your will receive your answers at the right time, but surviving through the tough period is a challenge. Keep attempting, considering it as your last try, success will be forced to be yours.

Happy Reading!





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