A Walk To Remember!

Have you ever thought about any incident or tragedy that could entirely change your life. Imagine a life full of love, joy, happiness, peace and success. You attain what you have desired for and all you long is a hassle free life. A peaceful and healthy life is about to be set in your timeline. The best moments of your life are about to begun, when an unexpected turn takes away all the joys that you were waiting to reap. Can life be so cruel?

being happy

I recently met an old friend of mine over a cup of coffee. I still remember this lucky go easy chap, who never believed in boundaries. An immensely Self-obsessed lad, weighing around 110 kilo grams, yet loved life. His fitness was never a hindrance for his outbound activities. He would join us for all the trekking and adventurous activities. Irrespective of his weight issues, he would define himself  healthy, dark complexioned,yet he would consider himself as a threat to Mr. India, the nest over his head or rather his hairstyle would definitely be home to couple of birds and the extra fats around his abdomen can make any baby sleep. I am not sure, if anybody has fallen for his appearance but definitely for his brains. He was a techie by profession and a geek by birth. He  introduced me to the world of gadgets, even before it launched in the country. A committed person by heart, yet flirty by nature (Sorry if you are reading this). We would pull him over treks, jog and walk, though it was against the law of his physique. He ignored all the personal and professional issues, and carried on with his life. We loved his spirit.


accidentHe was at the top of the world when he was engaged to Tamana, the girl of his choice. He admired her and loved her deeply. Her pics were displayed at every corner of his house. Tamana was equally interested in him and was awaiting for the wedding day. It appeared as though they were made for each other. It was that moment which changed his entire life. An accident can be so dissastrous sometimes, such that it teaches you the true meaning in life. The spinning wheels of the car, blood and Tamana was all he could recollect when he opened his eyes in the operation ward. There was a severe injury in his right leg, the femur was broken into pieces and there was no hope of his recovery before an year. The metal rod was inserted into the leg and the doctor announced that the possibilities of a normal walk was very limited. The metal rod was his only support for the rest of his life  and a ban to all the outbound activities was declared.The news definitely shattered him, but the presence of Tamana  in his life cheered him up. 

engagement ceremony

He was expecting Tamana to support him morally and help him recover. He definitely needed her the most, while she was busy calculating the do’s and don’t’s of the marriage. She no longer wanted a crippled man in her life. She wanted to be rational with her decisions. Her love vanished with the time. He was left with no option but to let her go. The dream that he built with her vanished all of a sudden. It was as though it never existed. A few days of the wedding and a lovely life was welcoming him ahead, but all in vain. He cherished his courtship period and consoled himself  that it was destined to happen. Was it the bank balance that lured her and the family or was it a way of God to teach him the hard truths of life? I leave the readers to decide.

I wasn’t reacting when he was narrating it to me, rather I would say, I didn’t know how to react at the tragedy. It was dis-heartening to see the changes in him. Our chirpy friend was silent, dull and possessed a different approach towards life. Was he struggling with his disability of walking in life again or was it his broken heart that kept him occupied? Too many thoughts with no conclusion at all. There was a moment of silence between us. I broke the silence and tried empathizing with him, to my surprise, he just stood up and walked few meters. He walked back to me and slowly whispered, ” I can WALK. A broken heart is more painful than a broken leg. And that mental agony gives you the physical strength.” I was numb. I salute him for his courage and the desire to live life once again. Kudos!

Had you been Tamana, whom would you have chosen?


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  1. Kuldeep says:

    Hi puja, gd one. Actually this is what happens in reality, reason being…only one, absense of true love. They love with some preconditions ( in most of the cases there is no love at all, just portraying themselves like “made for each other).
    And its not limited to love only, same thing goes for friends also. Problem is, to know about true ones is almost impossible as long as u r in ur gd times, so a tough phase in life is a must ( I dont mean that this type of accident).

    Now what to do part u left on readers, definitely it should be like ur friend did….dont give up, move on.

    But what to do if same thing happens after marriage. As u know lots of indian families r still sorrounded by social implications, & getting seperated is hardly a option.
    Waiting for ur next article on such issues

    keep posting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Poojajain says:

      Thanks Kuldeep.These are the hard truths of life and we got to live with it….

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Anonymous says:

    All I can say after reading this article is …the writer (you) have done an awesome job….but as a typical Indian I was waiting for a happy ending…but guess…that’s how life is….. very well written….keep writing…..am already waiting for the next one as well…..


    1. Poojajain says:

      Thank u! It would be great if you can leave your name along with the comment, so that I can equally appreciate your time for going through the blog and the comment…


  3. dimple says:

    Hey Pooja Good n senti article. True love??? Todays century i would rather say “logical n practical love” has take place for the word “True love”.

    N the slogan “move on” should be well rooted in every human so that we can face the hard realities of life….

    One should be rich with friends to come over from such situation.
    So keep making friends…br good to them… coz u can make only one bf or gf at a time but ee cal have 1000s of best friend at the same time.


    1. Poojajain says:

      Thanks Dimple! We all need to accept the realities of life sooner or later…and ya true love is a question mark for this generation…Keep Reading!


  4. umesh says:

    nice! generation gap matters…?


  5. Sneha Agarwal says:

    Hey Pooja

    The title of your article first grabbed my attention. When I saw the big yellow smiley I thought it will have a happy ending. I m not sure if there is something like practical love..if it’s practical then I guess it’s not love. Little emotional after reading the article and i am specially thinking about how one person has so much impact upon another that it leaves him totally changed- In this case an easy go chap to a dull person.

    Beautifully written. Well done. Kudos 🙂



    1. PujaJain says:

      Thank you Sneha! Its a true story and I had to pen it down. The reality is too difficult to accept but we got to….
      Keep Reading!


  6. Sinha says:

    Its very easy to say “I am in true love, but very difficult to manage”..Hello my dear friends why I am writing these sentence because I know few people who is commenting this blog but even they are not much aware about true love!!…


  7. Anonymous says:

    I recall a proverb here “tough times don’t last tough people do” it would not have been for him but if true love was easy everyone would have it…. In Pre or Post marriage there is nothing such as perfect relationship just a simple way is we need to give more than you take, that’s what’s gives more strength in life….I feel that’s what the guy did here… Cheers to Puja for bringing smiles!!


    1. PujaJain says:

      Thank u! I wish relationships were that easy for ppl as I have put it into words..


  8. Surjeet says:

    It reminds me a tough times don’t last tough people do…Such cases often occur due to Stereotypes society wherein men are more likely to be perceived as physically stronger and better fit for rough…

    In reality wedding vows(until death…); are actually taken long before actual wedding its a unsaid/unsigned bond of commitment to be followed, its a glue that holds the relationship Intact much more that words can define it…!!

    Cheers to Puja for amazing write-up!!


  9. himalidnd says:

    Very well narrated Puja! There’s a big difference in reality vs appearance.


  10. himalidnd says:

    Well Narrated Puja! Reality and appearance are two very different sides.


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