Help Me Please!


In an era of Internet, where information can be accessed at a single click, Google has topped the chart. Though it mainly functions as a Search engine, yet it has been mostly considered as an information centre or rather I would say it has come closer to the word HELP. It has just come closer, but it cannot be a substitute. The Word HELP means a lot more than it is defined in the Oxford dictionary.  We all are connected with each other in various manners and it would be a lie, if I say that we haven’t helped people or seeked help from somebody in our life time. We, the human race cannot succeed on our own. Even when we are born, apart from our mother, there are nurses or family members to help the birth take place. The helping process begins from there and continues till the funeral takes place, as we are too helpless to even set fire to our own body once there is an end to our existence.

I know we have entered in a century, where egos have taken a far superior place than we would have imagined for. There are people who do not want to bother others, for the obvious reasons that they feel they can do it all by themselves or there are such breeds who even if asked to help, wouldn’t come forward to our rescue. What do we do? Should we be drawing a permanent conclusion based on the temporary situations? Absolutely not! My first suggestion to the readers would be to initiate the helping process i.e. seek help without much expectation. There are possibilities that you might be disappointed, whereas, there are equal chances of being helped as well. The entire purpose of the helping process is to build a list of people whom you can count upon your difficult times as well as erase those people from the list who didn’t even bother to turn up. Trust me, it works!

There might be genuine people who are your pillars in the real life, but they fall sometimes due to various reasons. Do not be judgemental immediately; they do deserve a chance in the future. If you are planning to test your friends through the medium of money, I guess it would be a bad choice as Money is the enemy of any relation. We all live in a materialistic world, where our wishes and desires resist taking a back seat, as a result our priorities change and we are busy with our materialistic bucket list. Still, you can try your luck out.  You are really blessed if you find some financial helpers apart from the banks and other institutions. You never know a friend can turn to a foe or vice-versa.

help 2

Seeking help not only connects you to people but also strengthens relations. It is an opportunity in disguise. One might get all the info from the internet, yet human touch will always be missing. I am sure we would love to talk to people when we are unhappy or depressed rather than  searching on internet “How to get over depression?” It might give you ample links, but you will find solace only if you have a good listener. If our keyboards can have a help key “F1”, humans definitely need to have one in life.

There are people who are also of the opinion that seeking help is bothering others. Absolutely not! It is just a way that you have perceived or may be concluded due to your experiences. You always have the option to do it by yourself when everything fails,hence do involve others and get some better suggestions. I recently wanted to know some Yoga training courses. I would have easily called Just dial and would have dialled the list that they would have provided me with or would have taken the help of search engines, rather, I opted to interact with some experienced Yoga instructors and trainees.  Within a fraction of second, I got access to their experiences which really helped me to take a decision. Thanks to such wonderful people who don’t hesitate in lending a helping hand. There are many such instances in life where we are  in desperate need of help…..Do not think too much, just call up or meet people and express the desire to be helped. You will not only get your problem solved but will also give birth to a wonderful relation. Try it out!

The world is full of wonderful people as well…..


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome article….loved every bit of it…..Very well done!!! This article reminds me of a “doha” of Rahim…..”Rahiman vipda tu bhali thode din hoye…hith anhit jagat main jaan parat sab koi” . Once again very true writing and very frightful writing. THANK YOU!! Will wait for the next article as well…Keep rocking!!!!


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