Gift Yourself A fabulous 2015

Happy new year 2015

2014 has bid us farewell, giving the hope for a better 2015. The year had been good as well as bad. The ups and downs are part of life and we need to cherish for whatever has happened. Good things will pave for a better path and bad things will shower you with experiences. There cannot be  a sunrise without a sunset. If you are very keen about making 2015 the best one, just go back in the time of 2014 and ponder about it. Take a notepad and jot down the best things that happened to you, the worst things that you encountered, the random decisions that you took, the fights that you avoided and the love that you shared. Analyze and draw a conclusion. Be your own judge. Were you a better person at the end of 2014 or you just went worst? Set your plan for 2015 and work towards it. Here are some of the tips for a fabulous 2015:

Nurture a hobby:


Life is a journey and not a destination. Do not allow your life to be stagnant. Let the child in you be alive and experiment with life. Take up a new hobby or an activity that you always wanted to try out. You can also build on your existing talent if you want to take it to next level. Try out things that fascinates you. It could be salsa, belly dance, marathon, art exhibition, golf, horse riding and so on. Its always better to try than not attempt things. Trust me you will not regret!

Inculcate the habit of saying No:

Say No

Sounds silly, doesn’t it? Saying no has never been easy for me and I have been struggling with it. This year I have decided to inculcate the habit of saying “No.” Remember the times, when you didn’t want to go for a movie or hangout with friends, but you couldn’t deny it. There are many such incidents wherein we have failed miserable to say No, just considering about the reactions of others. If you belong to this category, make up your mind and be determined with your choices. Either its a yes or a no!

Gift yourself a healthy body:

Healthy Body

Human beings tend to form a new body in every 5 years. No, I am not joking. Health is always a major concern for most of the human species. We tend to neglect the symptoms that our body signals us, thereby housing a lot of diseases. BP, Sugar, Cholesterol have become a family disease these days. There is a drastic change in our eating habits and lifestyle. Our biological clock has changed. Stress has become a part of our life. This year, promise yourself a better health. Avoid eating after sunset, eat fresh, say no to fried or junk food and drink plenty of water. Detoxify your body once in a month. You deserve a healthy body. If possible go with organic food.



If you are adventurous and love being outdoors, how about planning a trip? Travel keeps a person alive. Try out your nearby destination or a far away place. How about a trip to Ladakh or say a trek to Himalayas? Feel the nature and explore the unexplored places. Travel as though you were born only for traveling. Feel the air in your lungs, embrace the weather, hear the chirping, let the frogs croak, capture the butterflies in your cam and pass a smile to the flowers. Revitalize yourself. Choose a good company, pack your bags and just wander. The world is worth visiting.

Avoid Conflicts:

Conflicts are very common and can hamper your relations. It takes years to build that space and few seconds to be strangers. There are times when I differ from the crowd. There are times when I am adamant with my thought process and I would not let it go at any cost, I keep mum in such situations without arguing further. Conflicts are healthy provided you are doing it with the right person. Most of the audience cannot differentiate between a discussion and an argument. Stay calm and composed and do not take sides till you are sure. Start your normal conversation once the argument is over, it will keep your bonding alive.

“The greatest glory in living
lies not in never falling,
but in rising every time we fall.”
– Nelson Mandela


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