In love with Namma Bengaluru!

love bangalore

There are various reasons for us to migrate to different cities. Bangalore, being a cosmopolitan city has higher chances of attracting people across the Globe. The city is very welcoming and has almost 60% of the population from different cities and culture. The lifestyle, cultural events, multiple restaurants & cuisine centres, better educational facilities, pubs & bars and the IT background are enough reasons for anyone to fall in love with the city. I have visited couple of metro cities and  trust me nothing can beat the intellect of Bangaloreans. They are warm and approachable. They accept change and take initiatives to make the city a better place to live in. Here are my reasons to love the city:

The splendid Climate:

Na, there are no extreme summers and winters in the city. The moderate climate of Bangalore is the best gift of Nature. There is a control on the mercury level during summers and you wouldn’t have heard of any deaths in the city due to extreme temperature. The winters are also bearable and you would love the sight of people in stylish woolen clothes. The rainy season just adds to the greenery of Bangalore.

Cuisine Centers:

You do not have to think twice about food when you step in the city. You can see ample food joints on the streets, right from Masala Dosas to chicken kababs, meals to sizzlers, Chinese to Italian Pizzas and so on. MTR, Vidyarthi Bhavan and Koshys can give you the actual taste of regional food. Do try them. The city has many deluxe and luxurious restaurants to satisfy your taste buds. Right from early morning Tatte Idli to late night Empire Kebabs, the city is high at it’s cuisine culture.

Shopping Malls:

Wondering what people do on a weekend? Yes, they shop! Bangalore has crazy shopaholics who will be found either wandering in the streets of Jayanagar, Commercial street, Brigade road  or the one stop shopping malls who lure them with attractive offers and prices. Needless to say, the contribution of women is more in shopping, however, do not be surprised to see the guys actively involved in shopping affair.


All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Fortunately, you will not find any dull boys here. The pubs and bars are there as a great source of entertainment. The nightlife of Bangalore is worth a mention. Visit some of the best happening places such as  Pecos, Opus, Hint and F- Bar, to surrender yourself to the loud & peppy music and forget all your worries. Do not be worried about timings, the Bangalore nightlife timing has been extended till 1.00 AM.


The city is just not meant only for party animals. We are quite balanced when it comes to culture. Bangalore offers you some of the best temples in India which has a rich history. Iskon, Ragigudda, Camford and Jain Temple belongs to the religious category of the city. Mosques and churches are equally respected in the city. Secularism can be felt in Bangalore where people from various religions participate in the festivals irrespective of the Dharma they belong to.

I would be doing injustice with the city, if i fail to mention about theater culture in Bangalore. Yes, we love the plays and no wonder popular theaters like Ranga Shankara, Jagriti, Atta Galata and Alliance Francaise are actively hosting plays in different languages. Fond of walking and jogging? Walk a street or 2 and you will find a joggers park. Planning for a start-up? Yes, people love experimenting with ideas here. Have an idea? Just share with fellow Bangaloreans. Do you still need reasons to love this garden city? I don’t!




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