Namma Autowalas

Being, a frequent auto-rickshaw user, I get multiple chances to strike a conversation with autowalas’, sometimes hilarious, sometimes irritating, and sometimes thought provoking. Penning down a few of them:

bangalore autowalas

1. Bhaiya, why are you taking the longer route?
It’s peak hour madam, these short-cuts will take to your destination in a shorter span of time. And, don’t worry, the meter charges would be the same.


2. Madam, can you please pay extra 20 bucks as I will be without passenger during the return?
Oh really! Will you repay me the extra 20 bucks if you get a passenger during your return?

3 .Bhaiya, Shivajinagar chaloge?
Nahi madam, its too far.

Dude, that’s why I need an auto or else I would have walked down.

4. Auto, auto, arey auto, stop…
The auto driver waves a good bye without even looking at me.

So Unfair!

5. Bhaiya kitna hua?
Madam, Rs. 82 but please pay me Rs. 100 as I do not have the change. Round figure to banta hai madam!
What? round figure?  Yeh lo Rs. 80 plus the change.

6. Sir, RT Nagar?
Yes, but rasta malum hai aap ko? Lol!

7. Meter 1 and half lagega Madam?
It’s just 8.45 pm, bhaiya.
By the time u board the auto and I start, it will be 9.00 pm. Chalna kya?

8.  Bhaiya Majestic chaloge (from J.p nagar)?
Madam bus no.2 and 215.
Wow! How generous!

9. Scenario: empty Auto at the auto stand:
Bhaiya, koromangla?
Where in koromangla?
Forum mall
Wo kidar hai?
Christ college, big bazaar ….
Ha, wo malum hai, but nahi jayega
Waiting mein hai, madam!

10. Conversation in the auto:
Madam, are you working in IT Company.
Do you stay nearby? If yes, then I can drop you every day? My auto-stand is just near the bus stop.
Oh ok!
BTW I am on Facebook. Can we be friends?
Stop, stop, roko auto…. Teri tho…

No, these aren’t my creative creations, these are real conversations!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    nice one…but u also need to see sometimes from their perspective also which many of us just put a blind black cloth on it….anyways…the situation I feel is much better in Mumbai as compared to Bengaluru….happy travelling….;)…


    1. Puja Jain says:

      Thank you for going through the article and leaving your views.. Yes, this is the common scenario in Bangalore and it’s a hassle in reality…


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