Top Virgin Hill stations in India:

virgin hill stationWe live in 21st century where balancing work and life has become tedious. We almost carry out same routine and are so helpless. How about a vacation to some virgin hill stations?  Being in the nature’s lap is a natural healing process. It will calm your mind and connect you to self.  If you do not trust me, spend some time at the hill stations and see the change. Wondering where to go? You might have had heard about popular hill stations. People flock every year to spend a quality time. The virgin hill stations can be a better choice when compared to the popular ones. They are less populated and haven’t got much popularity. If you are in desperate need of some Me Time, these virgin hill stations can suffice your purpose. Here are the Top Virgin Hill stations in India:

Yercaud in Tamil Nadu:

Yercaud hill station

This beautiful hill station lies in Salem district of Tamil Nadu and is calm and serene. Though Tamil Nadu possess humid climate, Yercaud is an exception. It is lush green and gives you chills. The beauty of this place is that it is far from commercialization. You will not find hawkers yelling, shopkeepers pulling you to make a purchase and other distractions. If you are looking for solitude, Yercaud calls your attention.

Anantagiri in Andhra Pradesh:

Looking for a hill station that remains same throughout the year? Anantagiri is blessed by Mother Nature in terms of temperature. It has cold climate during all the seasons, though there might be slight temperature variation during summers. The picturesque view of landscape will take you to a different world – a world which is peaceful, silent and serene.  Book your tickets and just pack your bags.

Matheran in Maharashtra:

It is the only hill station in Asia where automobiles are completely banned. Matheran is 90 kilometers away from Mumbai and falls in Raigad district. If you are a nature lover and are seeking for serenity, Matheran is your answer. The lush green valley is a definite attraction to the tourists. You would be lucky to visit the hill station during monsoons. See the sunshine and the cloudy weather surviving together. You must also try the narrow gauge train from Neral for a different experience. Enjoy the nature walk and shed some kilos off!

Chamba in Himachal Pradesh:

This hill station is not very popular. It gives you an essence of an actual hilly location. It is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in terms of scenic beauty. It is above a height of 996m from sea level. The chamba valley has many temples to its credit. Laxmi Narayan Temple, Brajeshwari Temple and  Chamunda Devi Temple holds great significance. Do get some handicrafts as souvenirs for your loved ones. It is a perfect place for handicrafts and miniatures.

Vythiri in Kerala:

Vythri hill stationNo wonder, why Kerala is known as God’s own Country! Vythiri is a perfect example where nature and mankind co-exists without harming each other. The hill station has divine atmosphere that will leave you speechless. The valley supports coffee, rubber, tea , cardamom and the cultivation of other spices.

These 5 virgin hill stations will cast a magic on you and leave you spell bound. The serene climate, scenic beauty and divine atmosphere will leave you with wonderful memories. Plan your trip!


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