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Navkar Metals is a metal manufacturing company that possess a wide experience in manufacturing  Copper, Brass Sheets, and Circles. The Company  started the operations in 1990 and since then they have served millions of customers across India. There was a huge demand for quality metals and they were the first one to come out with quality as well as customized products. Whether it is a Food industry, sugar industry, Automobile industry, electronic industry or the chemical industry, metals are a part of all of them.


Navkar Metals has a diverse portfolio to create a balance between the demand and the supply of various sectors. Be it a developing State or a developed one, they make sure that the customized raw materials are supplied to all the States across India. The Supreme quality Copper, Brass Sheets, and Circles justify the brand. Needless to say that they adhere to strict quality guidelines and every process has a quality check.

Navkar Metals believe in adapting to changes as quick as possible. Their manufacturing process involves the usage of a lot of tools and latest technologies to get the premium quality metal that can be used for multiple purposes. Their exclusive manufacturing unit is people and process oriented.

Navkar Metals has been successful in catering to the demands of all the clients so far.  They find satisfaction in serving the clients and meeting all their requirements. They  believe in strengthening the business and serving more and more industries. They believe in growing with the stakeholders rather than growing individually.

Quality, affordability, and reliability are the base of their business and they do not compromise on it.

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Garuda Group, a well-known name in the Metal industry has created a niche for itself amongst the buyers. It was established in the year 1980  with a  mission to be the Metal Powerhouse. It aims to  grow along with the stakeholders. Being strongly rooted with  Integrity and Commitment,Garuda Group believes in adding value in every sector of the Nation.

Garuda Group initially started with Stainless Steel and later on stretched its wings to Copper, Brass & Aluminum products. The portfolio of Garuda Group has diversified vertically as well as horizontally. The independent companies of the group and several Joint Ventures has led to the production  of Stainless Steel – Coils, Strips, Sheets, Circles, Pipes, Tubes, and Cookware; Copper/ Brass – Sheets & Circles, Aluminium – Coils, Strips, Sheets & Circles.

Inventions and Innovations are a part of the work culture of Garuda Group. Every individual venture of the Garuda Group uses advanced tools and technologies that yields better productivity. The trained engineers ensure that they manufacture the best products which are affordable and reliable.  Garuda Group is environment friendly and socially sensitive.  CSR activities are a part of their company culture.

Garuda Group is dynamic in nature and stays ahead of the competition.  They are keen on expansion and  are looking further into diversified sectors. They leave no stone turned to reach the peak of the success graph.

The Group supports the Make In India initiative by being a part of it, thereby helping the Nation to stay at par with other developed countries.

Vision & Values Page for Group Site:


We have the vision to be a Metal Powerhouse and give the finest touch to every product that we produce. Our Mission is to carve a niche for our customers, shareholders, employees & community and help them to climb the graph of success.

Garuda Group’s core values:

Our activities reflect our Brand culture. We are  bounded by  ethics and are channelized by values. We believe in Integrity, Commitment, Responsibility and Transparency.

We take decisions that are fair and justifiable. We are rational when it comes to business decisions and ensure that all the stakeholders are considered before arriving at any conclusion. We believe in having a true conscious at every step of our Brand Building process.

We walk the talk and talk the walk. A promise is a promise for us and we do not believe in breaking the trust of our people.  Be it running a process, delivering the products or any monetary affairs, we are fair, time-conscious and promise-oriented.  We take the complete ownership of our actions.

We are responsible for all our deeds and make sure that there is no harm caused to people, process, and environment. We use environment-friendly raw materials and believe in preserving the nature. We have taken all the safety measures to provide a healthy working environment.

We are transparent with what we do. We value open relationships and communication- based on integrity, co-operation, transparency and mutual benefit, with our people, our customers, our suppliers, governments and society in general.

We have a clear vision and are guided by our values.

Talk to us, we are just a step away!



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